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Started by TROLLTZU, July 08, 2023, 01:40:25 PM

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Are online purchases coherent? But -

Even prior to such evaluation, another exists regarding the legitimacy of vending machines, where nobody is present to validate the payment in the context of an agreement having been established. One theory surrounding this concept is that a legitimate purchase did not exist. In such case, either you gave your money away, or the money is still under your ownership even after receiving the object of purchase (if such object was received soundly). For now, I will leave this open ended.

Back to the topic of online purchases! Also - what in the world are you paying for anyways? If we ever decided that your ability to click an icon establishes the object of purchase, your ability to click on an icon results in a server list, where the admin-ship has the technological capability of preventing you from joining the server, a policy of which the term "ban" has been coined. Again, I leave this open ended for now.   
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