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Passing of a TFC buddy "I NOW CALL MYSELF WHAT!"

Started by BlasteR|TF, June 28, 2022, 01:56:21 AM

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I'm not sure if anyone else here knew Bruno or played with him.  He mostly played on the xbot server with myself and a few others long before I joined [-EVIL-].  Super sad to say that he passed away back on March 4th.

I will link the forum post below from the notification i got via email.

When I was lonely or bored I would go kill bots with Bruno and a couple of the other regulars.  Always a super nice, good dude.

Crazy man...He was still a young guy.




Even more crazy that this is at least the 3rd TFC player who died at this age. Shirl was 50, Milky 53.