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BHOP Configs and questions

Started by BlasteR|TF, January 21, 2018, 03:32:54 AM

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So thanks to Bishop's 1 on 1 BHOP lessons I've improved my manual bhop quite a bit (but still a work in progress).  Over the years, I could never figure out what I was missing that other people made look so easy.  Turns out there's a lot more to it than just strafe jumping.

Config settings and scripts are a big part of making it work.
I've also been experimenting with using Mwheel for jumping.  Usually, I still prefer using space bar though tbh.

One question I had was about my jump script.

alias "jumper" "+jump; wait; -jump; wait"
alias "+jump" "jumper; jumper; jumper; jumper; jumper"
bind "MWHEELUP" "+jump"

Should Line2 of this have a "+jump" at the end?

I've noticed some other jump scripts will close out the string with a "+jump" in quotes all by its lonesome.  In context, I guess how you end the string depends on how you started it, right?  In this case I'm ending the script with a "wait" command. I'm just not sure if that matters.

To explain, I recently came across this thread on steam and saw that he ended his script with a +jump and was wondering how important that is.

Is there a list somewhere of what commands are ideal for manual bhop? 

None of the bunnyhopping instructions I've found even have a complete list of the configs required to even make their instructions possible.

Thank you!



In lines 2 and 3, change "+jump" to "hop"

"+jump" is a reserved command (so use something else like 'hop' instead) and you don't need the '+' in those lines.


Thanks!  I tweaked that and will see how it goes.  But is it ok to end on a wait command or should I modify to be similar to the one in the steam thread I mentioned?

It seems like since the next command would be +jump, wait command should be what you end with (in theory).



The wait at the end of line 1 is fact you need it there to work properly.

I wouldn't use the one in the link. 


(I don't visit these forums besides rare instances like today.)

The +jump at the end is there because without it you cannot swim to the surface. You could use bind a key to 'swim up' in the options (you actually surface quicker) but who wants to use a separate key.