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Love Double Standards

Started by Nerd Rage, May 26, 2022, 12:34:48 AM

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Nerd Rage

So, I have been banned before for spawn camping. I consider myself an S-tier griefer as a demoman. Usually do it when someone is playing from spawn. Sometimes just for fun. If you have more than 2 active brain cells, you should be able to counter my play. So I log on tonight, and I start to play. Since you took away the bhop plug in all the old try hards might as well have a movement hack, so, playing defensively vs Bishop, what does he do? He starts trying to spawn camp me. Now, I understand nothing is going to happen to him. But I'm calling you and your entire server's bullshit out. Rules for me(and other randoms) but not for thee. No wonder your server's dead.  lol_face


"Spawn camping" is not against the rules...we do have rules to protect spawning players from cheap kills leaving spawn.  The rules are not to protect people playing from spawn to avoid fact this is specifically forbidden.  We were the only two on the server and you had killed me several times - either from inside your spawn or just infront of it.

Also, your homophobic language is inappropriate and not welcome on our servers. 

I suggest you focus on playing tfc and having fun and leave the rule interpretation to the admins. 

No hard feelings from me...hope to see you in game.

Nerd Rage

So...let me get this straight. It's going to take a moment for the 2 working brain cells I have to process this. I get banned for "spawn camping." Its been a hot minute but I'm fairly certain that is the wording for the reason. But that is not against the rules? Playing from spawn IS against the rules, and allows those who are admins/friends of admins TO spawn camp, since they are pure and uncorrupt able and always able to fairly interpret every outcome without fail. Sorry, gotta call horse shit on this. Still sounds like rules for me but not for thee. I really have no hard feelings either. My issue is that if you had pulled that, and then I decided to go demo or hw and return the favor, I would have been banned, but since you are not a random, you can get away with playing dirty. I have no issue with the play itself, I'm just amazed that I get banned for it when I do it but its ok for the admins to do. Again, your server is dead for a reason. I will watch the "hate" speech in the future although it amuses me to absolutely no end that people can be hurt by mere words. When I return, I will make it my mission to play as dirty as possible within your convoluted rule system. I will talk as much shit as humanly possible without "hate" speech. I already have some ideas that aren't against the "rules." Expect me. cage


The rules are documented and clear for most players. Below is the link, if you are interested.,3756.0.html

Nerd Rage

Btw, when you decide to try to spawn camp someone as spy on 2fort, the whole crouch in the corner thing near the exit door doesn't work and leads to you getting shot and bitching about getting killed from spawn.

The proper way to grief someone in that scenario as a spy is to stand in the entrance to their primary spawn disguised as a medic or sniper. This works better the lower the population but works in most scenarios. You wait and hear the door open. Give it just a moment, THEN knife them in the back. Easy spawn kill. That one was free, for more tips on playing dirty in TFC I charge a low price of $20/h.

*Edit for clarity


I was expecting better info from an "S-Tier griefer".

Nerd Rage

Even a troll has bills to pay. You really expect my best tricks for free? Honestly, Bishop needed some pointers as his ability at spy is garbage. Plus I don't want him to feel like an idiot when he abuses his authority by breaking the stated rules of the server. He relies on bhop and trimping. Playing spy is an art.

When I've seen you on server Guts, you've always struck me as a decent player. But you settle for low council with this group? Why opt for the herd when you could be a wolf? Let me guess, you don't want the responsibility that comes with higher authority that would match your ability.


Nerd Rage

You are absolutely right on that. You may fool me on specific, niche things, but on generalities it is impossible. I will make Bishop admit publicly he is human, he is flawed, he gives in to the same temptation to play dirty that I do, and the only reason he gets away with it is he's part of the in crowd. Furthermore, I will prove your server's rules are bullshit and only subject to enforcement for people not in the in crowd.

Btw Guts, do you have an instagram? That reply was so short, so positively masculine, it gave me goosebumps. #callmemaybe?


nerd, did you make bisho quit? i don't see him on anymore after your rant.



Hi Nerd,

Not to interrupt, but one friendly reminder pertains to the idea that you were banned by a member of 'high council' of this clan. So think twice before holding Guts to any like-minded standard. Just a recommendation from myself.

Another speculation is that it seems as though all members of 'high council' are from national jurisdictions outside of the U.S. Inquire of Jake (I forgot the last name, or else I'd state it here), who runs the clan. Perhaps he has some kind of aspirational worldview of being an American in charge of the NATO alliance. That's my best guess at the moment.

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