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Fix TFC after 25 Anniversary Update

Started by Bishop, November 18, 2023, 01:34:17 PM

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Sounds for concs/nades/guns aren't aligned properly after the update which is game breaking. Fortunately, there is an easy fix by adding this command to the console or autoexec.cfg:

_snd_mixahead 0

The fonts on the TFC Title screen are also ridiculously oversized. It would seem you could scale these fonts in \tfc\resource\gameMenu.res but unfortunately not.  Hopefully the will fix this soon.


Pasting some fixes, settings and work-arounds by Paft.
Though I think he meant Half-Life with the beta.
Quote from: Paftso there's 2 choices:
Right click 'Team Fotress Classic' in steam: betas>beta participation and change that to steampipe or steam legacy

2nd option:

Launch issues with maxWidth >= width    ListPanel.cpp error are probably .res/resource folder related:
Rename TrackerScheme.res or resource folder or add the mentioned lines:

Sound delay seems to be corrected with:
_snd_mixahead "0" // Default "0.1" -- 25th Anni audio delay issue "fix"(?)

Other commands:
sv_rollangle "0" // Default 2.0 (Strafe tilt)
These are ofc new menu options--but here's the cvars.
gl_lowlatency "1" // On paper you'd want this on. Needs testing to see if that's actually the case
gl_widescreen_yfov "1" //  New widescreen FOV option



Relating to _snd_mixahead

I believe this issue was resolved by valve. I logged in today with some sound issues and reverted these settings back to default (_snd_mixahead 0.1) and the timing is normal for concs/nades.