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conc jump

Started by Bond, April 08, 2022, 06:41:53 AM

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Hey all

I notice some drop their conc down and behind them and consistently get a good a good jump. If they can get a consistent good jump, why not just hold onto it? are their any advantages to this type of jump?



I don't know if you know this, but the blast effect is completely dependent on your location to the epicenter of the blast, if you *ARE* the epicenter, you will not go as far as if you are at the corner edge of the epicenter, allowing you to go up more, further away, or just have better control and not fight lag and miss your jump completely because of 25 year old netcode.


I usually find handheld (hh) better for most situations because you don't have to stop and don't giveaway where you're going...but as Mas notes, you can get more height with concs dropped off an edge or below you in water.  Most who drop concs probably do it because the timing for hh has to be more precise and is very dependent on your speed at time the conc explodes so more difficult to execute consistently.


I might explore it a little. With my connection and experience level I find it a little difficult to get the timing right the hh way and may benefit from not being in the epicenter too