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Dispenser trimp jump

Started by Nuggs, January 09, 2019, 08:05:02 PM

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Here is a quick and dirty clip of it in action:

Was in BZ earlier tonight and pizzahut brought to my attention that it's possible to perform a trimp jump using a dispenser as your launch point!

I feel silly for not thinking to try this before but it works really well with some practice and opens up a whole new world of possibilities for engy and other classes. Mostly being able to trimp up to battlements or other places that traditionally would have required a EMP or nade jump.Of course this only works until the enemy decides to destroy your disp  :devilsidesmile:

It works best if you put the disp on a slight decline but it's not required. For best results jump towards the dispenser, hold duck, then release duck and hold jump right as you contact the dispenser. It's actually much easier than it sounds, I was able to nail it 7/10 tries after only a few mins of practice

Try it out!


This is one of my favourite trick. But its not new.Nice points  8)


Lark can even jump this high from standing still directly in front of the disp.

I can't do it from standing still at all. If I do a pre-jump and manage to hit the disp properly, I don't jump as high. Just need more practice I suppose.


I've found it's super easy to do it standing still, especially with auto bhop enabled, as you simply need to hold jump and duck as the same time while pressing +forward. I can hit it standing still 10/10, the only caveat is its limited usefulness since you're  just going straight up in the air with no angular momentum.


lark basically taught me how to do this like he does a few months back. next time im on bz feel free to ask and ill teach you the full power of the dispenser trimp!

It really doesnt give that much of an advantage besides goofy kills. on a few maps like badlands it can be an actual strategic method to hide your sentry guns and place teleporters in strange locations.

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