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Mini sentry in TFC WELL

Started by froob, October 29, 2016, 09:28:42 AM

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Alllright. So I just got back from playing WELL on Lo-Grav. and I made a daring discovery.

So, you know the lifts in the attic of the forrtresses on well?

Well, lets say theres a secret for engineers. I created a Mini sentry for TFC


First off, ill show you what the product looks like.

As you can see, its a sentry. Its a bit smaller than before.

The sentry has been smushed into the tripod via the lift.

All you need to do is;

1 make the lift go up (walk onto it and walk backwards)

2 while the lift is up, quickly build a sentry underneath the lift.

3. When its done building, chances are that it will be normal at first, just wait for the lift to come back down, and it will smush the sentry into the tripod

You see, lifts only cause 1 damage every time it "crushes" a player, this applies to sentries as well, unfortunately, the sentry is damaged as well, but it only takes away 1 health every time it is crushed! meaning, that you will have about 4 minutes until it is destroyed. BUT if you are a camping engineer, who actually tends to his buildings like I do, this won't be a problem AT ALL.


**A DISPENSER CAN BE PLACED NEXT  TO THE SENTRY TO BLOCK THE LIFT FROM TAKING AS MUCH DAMAGE - False, I just thought the height was a bit taller to block the lift!

I use this method to surprise enemies that are coming down from the lift, or are going up from the lift on the other side. the enemy will not expect it. and will be gobsmacked that the sentry is smaller!

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