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Getting sick of Hallucinations as a Spy? TRY THIS

Started by froob, October 29, 2016, 09:10:46 AM

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So, lets say you are in a tangle with a bridge pill spam, but you don't want to waste time and go through the water, at the same time, you can't dawdle around behind the spy pills on the bridge, well, theres two things you can do:

1 Man through it and get hallucinated and possibly get blown up

2 go into the water and nade jump out of it, and take massive damage

Well, I have to say, as a spy, number 1 is the better option, but not for the reason you are thinking of..

As a spy, if you get infected by spy grenades, you CAN EASILY cure that within 5 seconds.


This instantly cures the hallucination effect. I will be researching if this works for medic infection as well!

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Another fun pills fact: If you are dead and corpse camming and a spy tosses a pill on your dead body, the hallucinogen sprite will still display on the HUD even though you have been long dead!