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How to Make A JOTW Like Paz Does

Started by ShouldBeNew_, July 04, 2016, 02:45:05 PM

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Today (or tonight) I will teach you people how to make funny jokes like Paz does. They're called JOTW "Joke of The Week" and everybody likes them! or atleast most of them do...

This tutorial will be very difficult, so you have to do step by step and read very slowly and carefully what's written here.

1. Open Google (
2. Search for "Funny jokes"
3. Find some jokes. (like 50 or 100 of them, idk how many Paz posts them in a thread)
4. Begin making a thread.
4.1. Copy paste all the jokes you found.
4.000. Before that, claim that the jokes are made by you. (egg.: My name is X and today I will show you my 100% made jokes! I hope you like them!)
4.00. And btw, the jokes must be long.
4.0. Don't forget to write the title "(your name)'s JOTW!" before you start writting anything.
4.2. At the end you must laugh at your own jokes (eggsample: Haha have a good laugh now! Love you! X  ;D).
4.3. Click on "Post".
5. Call Paz and ask him if it's ok.
5.1. If he says "no" then you will most likely have to delete it.

If you didn't reallize yet, this is a joke.
Paz pls don't be mad at me.


Trolllll lalala lollllll

But really.

This was better than Paz's JOTW this week....


I believe that all of paz' JOTWs are 100% thought of, written by, and provided to us by PAZ!. I believe that all of those google sites previously googled THIS page and obtained the jokes without Paz' permission. Any other explanation is heresy!!!! :)



You CANNOT stop me, you can only hope to CONTAIN me!