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Double tap nade script

Started by Nuggs, November 16, 2015, 02:16:52 PM

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Paste this into your autoexec.cfg. Press once to prime, press again to throw. Enter switches between nade types with vox confirmation.

bind "MOUSE3" grentwoprime
bind "enter" switchgrens1

// Press the designated key to switch between Fragmentation (1) and Special Grenade (2).
// NOTE: I used Special Grenade (2) as default, because that's what I use most.

alias switchgrens1 "-gren2; bind mouse3 grenoneprime; bind enter switchgrens2; speak one"
alias switchgrens2 "-gren1; bind mouse3 grentwoprime; bind enter switchgrens1; speak two"

// Press the designated key once to prime your grenade, and again to throw it.

alias grenoneprime "+gren1; wait; bind mouse3 grenonethrow"
alias grenonethrow "-gren1; wait; bind mouse3 grenoneprime"
alias grentwoprime "+gren2; wait; bind mouse3 grentwothrow"
alias grentwothrow "-gren2; wait; bind mouse3 grentwoprime"


I think most would prefer 1 key for nades and another key for secondary. There is much simpler bind for double tap nades
(below, replace the "g" for your nades key, replace the "a" for your secondary key)

   bind g "throwgren;primeone;"
   bind a "throwgren;primetwo;"