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How to get in the matclub secret room

Started by CondensationMan, July 09, 2015, 10:15:54 AM

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I would like to thank Turpow for the following link. I hope more players will provide information on escape maps.


It's not a bad guide, but it's that not many people on Fun/Adventure actually see these articles. However help for such maps is good but i think it should be posted into one thread. Good luck with these guides.


I always felt like there should be more of these. Especially with maps that require pin codes. Like certain maps don't even give you hints on the codes and expect you to have known the developer of the map or know the password beforehand. I wouldn't go as far as spoiling how to do the escape maps themselves, but just the bits that would be impossible to solve from a completely fresh start.

I'll see about adding a section here that can house tips/tricks/tutorials.

Good job to all those involved! This is the type of content I love seeing from a community.