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15 years of TFC and just discovered something new today

Started by Nuggs, March 15, 2016, 03:13:34 PM

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So if you are a spy and have your flashlight active, you cannot disguise!!!

In all my years playing I've never seen that before. I wonder what else is in there that I dont know about...


Wow, someone knows something about this game that I don't? I went on a few different servers to make sure it's not just a bug caused by my shitty coding, but this is indeed a 'bug' from the game itself, probably been around since the beginning, nobody really noticed because it's rare to need to use your flashlight and actively work on disguising yourself.

Does turning your flashlight on break/drop your current disguise?


Nope, you can use your flashlight as soon as you start disguising, and it wont break disguise either. Just if you have it on you "cant disguise right now"

A new tfc bug in 2016 TinyFace TinyFace