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2 questions

Started by pig, June 01, 2012, 02:20:18 AM

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Just wanted to know:

1. Am i still considered to be part of ES clan? My induction process was kinda informal. I just asked Master to join, he thought it over for a bit, and said yes.

2. Can the server operators please think about removing the !teams feature used to teambalance ppl forcefully?



1. stay active and I can add you to the roster

2. why? id rather fix the problem than remove our only form of balancing the teams.


Wait, I'm confused, am i part of ES or not? Do you mean active in the forums or ingame? Becuase im almost always in one of the servers. However the forums seem kinda quiet.

About the team balance thing: the problem lies in idiots who think its funny to keep bouncing people back and forth.

One time, this large clan came into the server and occupied both teams. 1 member from each time would spam !teams, and because there was an odd number of players, someone wold e boucning back and forth. When the violated perso tried to get back on his original team, he wold be bounced back. Tere is no way to balance an odd game, so that feature wasn't very well thought out.

Also, I want to donate, but is it possble for me to do so without giving out my real name?


you are still part of the clan

all donations are anonymous until we get in contact with them (via steam)

I had a safety for that by using timers on the players, I disabled this when I fixed the odd-man-out fix, which wasn't fixed properly apparently, so I will work on that sometime this weekend.


Ok thanks,

Just for my safety pf mind sake, can you tell me if you saw the name taht donated just recently today? Tat wouldne me


How about having it only balance teams if the difference is two or more uneven players instead of only one. Or setting a limit to how many times a player can use the !teams command and possibly kicking them if they start spamming it within a certain amount of time.

When I do notice people in the servers doing this, they go into spectator and then try to balance using !teams. Could you also restrict spectators from using the command?


I agree with Poizon.  ;)

1-2 players uneven is mostly no problems.

I also have seen peps in spec using the !teams to either get a slot in the team they want to play in or just using the command to disturb the game. If specs or players start to spam !teams I take action.



I will implement these changes into the next version of skynet, I will update this post (or thread) when that happens


Well, about the donation thing master, did you receive it? And if so, were you able to see my real name?


Yes and yes. but I never release the name of donators under any circumstances (unless there's legal problems, but even then I would let you know.)

thank you for the donation.


Ok, thanks.

So i can adjust my donations accordingly, can you pm me the cost of keeping the TFC servers running?


PM sent, ill update the roster later this week


No matter how you try and make teams even ...The people always will try to switch to the stacked team...
I think Master has worked hard to make it the best way possible...
Not much else he can do that i can think of...
Ive seen alot of people that dont like playing on an unstacked team just join spec and wait for an opening on the winning team...
Maybe there lies a problem..I dunno...