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-[EVIL]- Vs. |aK| - Friendly

Started by 007, March 04, 2014, 10:32:06 PM

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aK clan would like to challenge EVIL in a friendly match. Please post here if you are interested in playing, the more players the better!

We think 9pm EST on Sunday 16th March is a good time? We will leave the map choices up to you!  8)



Depends how many players you get, we will match that number.
Main team is: Me, Crosby, Pip, Pataspunk, Cronus, RaGe, MCoZ

We have a few more lined up if we need them.


seems to me crosby is in both clans ? could be wrong, but only seen him wearing ak tag


Chances are I won't be around that weekend. Spring Break + SXSW + My Birthday.


Is really play for whatever team needed me.


I am not very good so no one will probably want me to play but if you need me I will try and make it.


Quote from: SpamDaddy! on March 05, 2014, 11:18:18 PM
I am not very good so no one will probably want me to play but if you need me I will try and make it.

It's all in good fun. I don't think there are many overly competitive players left in the game. It's all about having a good time. But I'm a loser. Never won a league match ever lol. Don't look up my records.



I'd play, but I'm pretty sure I've bhopped on BZ for so long I wouldn't remember how to bhop without the autobhop mod.  lol


Can I bhop JUST right without auto bhop? After all if I cant imagine the sheer destruction that will be heaped upon my clan because I failed to bhop right during a fight. Can I live with that the rest of my days?


It's impossible for me in that time. can we change that date?


Seems a few cannot make that weekend, we could change the date to:

Sunday 23rd March @ 9pm EDT


The match we had was fun. If aK and those of EVIL are up for another friendly match I'll try to show up again if I can.


Yeah, it was a good time :)

Well played, aK.

I don't typically like to schedule tfc playtime since I pretty much play too frequently as it is, but I'd be up for another round some night.

You guys started to work together really well when you were all soldiers on avanti.  I really thought you went easy on us on purpose with the plan of crushing us halfway through..