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tfc helper cheats can we have them

Started by Zachery980, February 17, 2011, 09:02:27 PM

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 tfc helper cheats like cross hairs or who is a spy {aka} red and blue boxes on people im not talking about god or noclip can we have them yes or no
if you cant hack it or mod it, it ant worth it

I wouldn't even know how to do that.
I don't think the game is programed to do that.

bapx17 503's finest

hey zac, you know thats a cheat a hack right. thats something we dont like here or want people in this clan useing cheat/hacking is something we dont want here at all. so plz dont use it or post something about hacks/cheating here im not a leader or anything like that but this is my warning to you.
do not use cheats/hacks in any of are servers at all i will ban you the end. do not go into any other server with are clan tag and cheat if i found out i will ban you from that server and ares. i do not like cheaters or hackers at all iv played this game to long to see people cheat.
and zac

if you want diff cross hair colors go to i beilive it is they have "sciprts" that are sweet to use i use some and they are not hacking.
thanks bapx17
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thank you i hat the dum yellow cross hair
if you cant hack it or mod it, it ant worth it