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Scheduled event for TOMMORROW

Started by Master, December 29, 2009, 06:27:20 PM

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I scheduled a 'game night' for tommorrow night (cant remember what time though) its gunna be at the battlezone server, make sure to show up and play..

and for those of you wondering why I did this, its because ~85% of the clan is inactive and im hoping to get more people active, so .. even though only two or three people will even see this, I am only expecting maybe 5 people max on the server... whatever, just trying to keep the clan alive.. post here about... anything I dont know, just stop being so... anti-clan and post on the forums or atleast login and play on our servers.

family game night!
what time... i work 1-9 =[


it starts at 8pm CST and ends when everyone decides to not show up (8:01)