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Merry xmas

Started by, December 23, 2009, 11:53:13 PM

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and a happy new year too, unfortunately I wont be able to join everyone in the "anti-join an evil server" rally we have just about every day though, I might be back before the year is out to join everyone in one of these rallies, so dont worry, I can help you hate the servers I work so hard on to keep running nicely, I see many of you go to one specific server (I wont say any names) instead of helping to support the clan and thus, start a game there, which not only helps our competition but hurts the clan, and this is the main reason I always pester you all, I do not mind if you go every now and then, but it is becoming an illness, even though our front page has all of our servers I would guarantee that only maybe half of you know atleast 2 of 3 of our servers, I wont even get started on having them in your favorites.. well, thats my rant for the day I might come back later in the week to rant some more.

Preach it masta! preach!
This is something I used to give you a hard time about BTW...
its a pity that its all so true, and no one will probably read it,
where the fuck has everyone gone too?
we get new forums, its poppin' for like a month, then everything just comes to a stand still...
not even a reply to my numbers game post =[
oh, also... do use the evil servers,
i check my user group lists and who's playing where every time i get bored,
and what master says is true, it's basically rare to see users in our 'evil' steam friends group actually using our servers.
on top of that, at close to the same rate/percentage, i see these same users not playing with there user name or tag.
I for one have always been one to vote for free choice in this subject,
but at the same time, it seems odd in general...
these people come to our server, like it, the environment, and people there enough to actually want to register into our clan, but then never play on the servers and don't stay remotely consistent regarding there name or tag.
Food for though i guess...
Merry X-mas, Lots of crazy snow in MN here tonight, the roads where fucked.
I got a Nintendo DS, some grill tools, and an 80$ gift card for some videogames =D !!!


sounds like a good time zombie, now.. back to my raging..

you basically took the words right out of my mouth I was going to go on and on about how no one views the forums, only three people view the forums daily with a few missed days.

people have a life, I know but. if you cant find the time just to even log in well then.. I dont know I see alot of you online quite a bit.

I feel we should change the rule about admins having to view the forums daily to EVERYONE has to view the forums daily, then maybe we can get a grasp on who is truly dedicated or not..

thats all I can say, im up waaay too late, I need to be up at like 6am tommorrow ill finish this some time later.

ALSO: I recently ran into a bunch of assholes today (yesterday?) on christmas. they kept on im assuming mocked me.. I dont know, my social skills arent that great, there were several counts of admin impersonation, they were annoying as hell, and they were making rude and somewhat harmful remarks, they have all been banned,  I am not 100% sure but I think one of them was a member of the clan, I will look up their id's on the catacombs tommorrow, dont ask me how any of this is related though...


wish you all to have fun on those hollydays, drink alot, smoke joints, be sick, drink more
and go to bed, wake up without remembering how you went to bed, as long as you can
remember that you did Not forget if yes or no you took your car to get back home loll

have fun guys,

Koveak~ I R French :D

sounds like my daily life koveak, lol