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Clan Scrimmage!

Started by Master, November 27, 2009, 09:11:27 PM

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yeah, I know im jumping ahead too much, but anyways, the FIRST SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH we will be having an inner clan scrimmage, the details on this are still scarce, but this is going to be where we get together and kill each other (lets keep the killing in game though) there is no set plans on what we will be doing or when this will be happening im currently thinking that 9pm CST will be the time of day when this is occuring, give your thoughts about this..  (the first clan scrimmage is December 5th)


Sounds good to me, hope to make it often :)


Im always ready for a good ass whoopin', count me in.


now for some more details, the hosting server will be battlezone-x and neotf and hook will for sure be disabled bots will be removed and there will be no class limits, I was thinking of 2fort as the map, user input is valued, leave anything you have to say here...