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Maps on server

Started by Rosco, October 23, 2009, 06:49:08 PM

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Hello guys

   would it be possible to request maps casbah and rock2 to be added to the map rotation?

I tried to vote them in a few times but  I need 4 votes to get them and when  there is no one else on the server   it still needs 4 votes to win.

Thanks and have a good one.  Will try to  catch you all on the weekend.


ill be able to help you with that in 1-3 days when im not too busy


thank you

Thats for the low g server  I was  playing  on


Thanks for the Maps.

I noticed that map CORNFIELD   about 30% of the time the doors will not open to release the bots for masacre. I think what happens is the bot with the flag attracts all  the other bots to the door and for some reason when door is suppose to open, only the latch opens not the doors trapping everything inside.

   It may be a good idea to remove the map from the rotation so people on the server dont  hyuave to wait the 20 minutes for the map to change to play again.

Rats would be a good map, Crossover, Badlands as well.  I am not sure what you all had for maps on the server before but i am sure you could think of a few replacements for Cornfield.   I always liked cornfield as well but with the lock up   ..................
Have a good day


The work has been finished sir.

; Maps configuration file
; File location: $moddir/addons/amxmodx/configs/maps.ini
; To use with Maps Menu plugin

; Add in your mod's maps here
; Delete this file to use mapcycle.txt




Rosco man lemme know when u wanna play some badlands. i love poppin people over the bridge its my favorite next to 2fort. Roooossssssssssscooooooooo peeeeeeeee Cooooooaltraaaaain!


hehe   we can do that. I am usually on after 9pm pacific time where we can get a good round of Badlands in.  Beware  my scout as he is a bit tricky, and fast!!!!!!!!!!!