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ocd faq/ thank you for your patience

Started by ocd, July 23, 2021, 11:55:33 AM

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as almost all of us know, especially at our ages, life comes fast, hard, it is unrelenting, and will not yeild. sometimes the fates are kind, sometimes their tines weave a bolt of fabric that itches at the life-crotch terribly, until no salve may undo its wrath... but i digress.

some of you have surmised correctly, due to circumstances beyond my control, that i am using aliases, and even my original account. let's just say due to unforseen events, that ocd guy is long gone, and all that is left is some jerk playing tfc on occasion.

nowadays, my plus minus in the friend department is leaning heavily toward the loss column, albeit the hard way (deaths) and sometimes truths. some close, some not. you find out who REALLY wants to be around when the road gets bumpy, amirite?

since you have last seen him, ocd has lost more than a few friends, quit his own band, selling his house, and moving to a new city.

there might be a new better band on the horizon, and i'm sure the west coast of FL is much better than miami. son of ocd is liking it over there already.

as far as my moniker, you may call me whatever you would like. if you prefer ocd, that is acceptable, my old standby Norfolk and Way, or the new concealed carry name i use now (m+p40 cal). you may not want to address me at all, which is fine too. you are entitled to whatever you'd like. at this stage of the game, i'm used to having the iggy hit on me. everyone loves the straight shooter, until he shoots straight about you!

sometimes weird people like me isolate themselves for a while, and maybe put walls up where they don't need to be, so bear with us while we work out our samsonite of crap (we should know after ALL these years!). i will still try to promote the brand, and hopefully make things more funner-er for everyone, new and vet.

meanwhile, i pack my PODS trailer for the 5 hour trip across fl, and hopefully things are brighter on the west coast. -certainly QUIETER!

be kind, and see you on bz.

ocd/ m+p 40cal/ Norfolk and Way