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Banned Without Reason?

Started by Paft, July 01, 2021, 07:34:00 AM

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I silently played for roughly 2min (if that--I wasn't counting) as Sniper. I don't think I even got any kills.

Ban Information
Name: [ Crraaiig David ]
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:15022843

Reason: ?
Unban Time: Permanent Ban
Admin Name: -[EVIL]- Master
Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:1:901100
Kicked :"You are banned from this server. Check your console"

A reason would be appreciated. **


I see. I'm not jumping to conclusions just yet.  **I'm sure there's an explanation?**

But for my record-- I was in the middle of badlands on the lower section where the ammo bags are, shooting at -[EVIL]- Master with the auto rifle for 10(?) seconds. That's it. I didn't even get a kill.

Yet another server I've been banned from this month within less than 5mins with no explanation or proof/reason.

Has it really come to the point where we have to record each game for our own proof?

"Hopefully" I just overlooked something and they were at least justified.


After witnessing with my own eyes yet another player who fails to realize the sniper class does indeed get a sniper rifle, I witnessed with that players own eyes that they know how to bhop and indeed should know there exists a sniper rifle, but I did not have the patience to understand if this was a player without knowledge of the game or a cheater who cant get aimbot to work in this other game.

If you are finding yourself frequently banned perhaps you should look at your playstyle and try to figure out what is getting you in trouble. :^)


Master - what is the deal with the sniper's AR?

I have noticed a lot of people verbally attacking each other for using it. Personally i find it to be like an annoying fly but why do most people seem to have something against it?

There's quite a few things that people do, that could be considered as annoying / a poor play style, yet they're rarely confronted for it. The AR seems to get everyone's goat.