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LoL Sweed

Started by nub.trotter, May 29, 2021, 06:54:03 AM

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Banned 3 days for excessive language??? Please show me where :no:

2021-05-29 04:48:16   youre a foot away from spawn.   -[EVIL]- Battlezone-X   alchimy_l2
2021-05-29 04:48:13   ridic.   -[EVIL]- Battlezone-X   alchimy_l2
2021-05-29 04:48:09   you gonna kick me for speaking the truth?.   -[EVIL]- Battlezone-X   alchimy_l2
2021-05-29 04:47:32   hugging that spawn like always.   -[EVIL]- Battlezone-X   alchimy_l2
2021-05-29 04:43:47   (Team) 2 sg.   -[EVIL]- Battlezone-X   alchimy_l2
2021-05-29 04:38:59   (Team) its at bment entrance.   -[EVIL]- Battlezone-X   alchimy_l2


Well, it's a bit more.
You have had a habit in the past to constantly comment my gaming in a negative way. I finally warned you and told you to just leave me alone. and you did. Some weeks ago u started again so to refresh your memory I banned you after I kicked you. I'm prepared to lift your ban but I say again and finally. Just leave me alone. I don't need your comments.
Ban lifted.