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Started by wrongly accused, January 01, 2021, 03:41:20 PM

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wrongly accused

Hello, i (STEAM_0:1:33130532) was wrongfully banned for my name which was "nAgger (someone who nags people)" by an admin lever2000 (STEAM_0:0:647646). I mean i literally explain the meaning in the name for these abusive admins who demanded a change or else i would be banned. Nagger has no foulness or ties with "the "N" word" so i request an unban. Admins should not abuse their power to strip players of their ability to play in your servers.

Thank you in advance,


Please explain the use of the name "migger" then.



Hello, I was the one who issued the ban. The point of your name(s) was obviously meant to evoke the "n" word. Multiple admins have asked you to not evoke this term and you refused to comply. Therefore, I issued the ban. Take your one day time out and think about your actions. Racist terminology, regardless of how subtle is not welcome on our servers.

wrongly accused

Hold your horses fellas. First of all, "Nagger" is NOT a different or "censored" version of "The "N" word" from South Park or whatever. The word was first recorded around 1880-1885 so South Park was not a thing.
Second of all, "Multiple admins have asked you..." they said "change your name" i asked why and someone replied "because" lol...
Also, if you wanted to ban me for the name "Migger" which some could interpret as mexican trying to act black which is not even in real dictionaries then ok MAYBE. But i was banned for the name "nagger" which is not "meant to evoke the "n" word" and is not foul language or anything it is just a normal word.
I request an unban.



Your name when I joined was "Migger boi KFC"  which is a blatantly racist name.

I asked you to change it and you refused, so I changed your name to Llama. You then switched to nagger, which again is one letter short of the "n" word. I changed your name again and you kept changing it back. I then slayed and kicked you, but you still persisted. So I had to ban you.

You were banned for all these names. If you join again with a name like that please trust me to expect a longer ban.

wrongly accused

One letter short of the "n" word? "Digger" is as well but you would have to reach pretty far for it to be racist... Also would you ban me if my name was "Kite" which is again "one letter short" of the ethnic slur towards jews? Fine if you like to use urban dictionary then ok fair enough Migger could be interpreted as racist as i explained before. But nagger has it's own meaning and has nothing to do with the n word whether you want it or nor. So, I dont find "one letter short" to be a valid reason to ban somebody and you would be pretty wrong to ban me again for "nagger".


I will not be lifting your ban. You can play again tomorrow and in the mean time I suggest you think about a new name. Goodbye.

wrongly accused

Fine don't lift the ban we will just agree that it was for the  "migger" which means mexican trying to act black ok fair enough. BUT again nagger is "someone who annoys people by constantly finding fault" and NOT some kind of a derivative from the "n" word so i suggest the admins to put this "one letter short" BS aside and when i come to play when my ban is over to be more fair.


I suggest you check your attitude when playing in our community, or you'll find yourself unable to.


You may have not intended this to be racist; only you know for sure.  However, we have zero tolerance for racism on our servers, so the take away here is to to stay away from anything that could be interpreted that way. 

Game server rules are listed here,3756.0.html.  The following apply in this case:

[No Excessive Language]    No excessive use of sexist/racist/vulgar language. We are adults, not trolls.
[Private Property]                These servers are private property; it is a privilege to play here, not a right.

When an admin asks you to change your name, that is the warning that the name you have chosen is not acceptable.  Keep in mind that since this has been explained to you very clearly, that any further offenses will be met with much harsher penalties without additional warnings.

Let's play tfc. Thank you