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unban request

Started by jerry garcia, December 31, 2020, 10:48:37 AM

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jerry garcia

hi there - i play under the name jerry garcia. i was banned/kicked this morning and i'm not totally sure why. it happened out of nowhere (no warnings). i've spent a lot of time on this server the past few months and have never really had any problems (as long as ppl aren't being racist/homophobic). i was piping up into a spawn in 2fort, but there was a hwguy there that i was engaging with. maybe that was why? either way, i apologize for whatever it was that i did and would really appreciate being unbanned. i hate seeing the number of players for this game dwindling and there are not many other servers to play on. i just learned how to bhop yesterday and was having so much fun!



Hello Jerry, it was myself that banned you.
Your first warning came in October for spawn abuse, in this case you were piping the resup exit, since then you have received further warnings and have been kicked for very similar offences. You have found your way here to appeal your ban, so clearly you would have been capable of reviewing our server rules also to be found here at Unfortunatly the sad truth of the matter is that the player count will never be what it was many years ago but we try our best to encourage new players and welcome them with an environment and community that you yourself have stated you have found so much enjoyment over the last few months. Your ban is for 1 day only, this was to enable you to start the new year with a fresh start and what I hope will be better intentions, once the 1 day is up I look forward to welcoming you back onto our servers.
"It is....what it is"

jerry garcia

when you say resup, do you mean the sniper deck? is that allowed or no? I just learned yesterday that you can in drippy's. today, i was shooting my blue pipes up into the sniper deck spawn, not the yellow ones, so thought that was ok. there was a hwguy standing right there shooting at me and wouldn't come down to engage! anyways, thanks for the quick response. happy new year.


You explain that scenario with the HW pretty much as it was and how I also observed it, prior to this you were asked by an -[EVIL]- Clan member to stop launching pipes up into the resup, (not by name, but for "whichever blue demo" was doing it) which to answer your question is not allowed, this alone would have warranted punishment, but what was the nail in the coffin was from there you made your way up the ramp to the first enemy resup where you dropped two mirv grenades outside the exit door, then making your way to the sniper deck you make a concerted effort to crouch down in the cap point area, you then launch "yellow" pipes outside the exit and wait for which ever poor soul appeard out of the door to be blown to this time next week! Again you have received previous warnings for the exact same offences. If in doubt just ask, more often than not there will be someone there to offer you the right advice, equally all the information, server rules or just a bit of banter can be found here on the site. The rules on one server as you are aware may not be the same on another.
Happy new year to you also.
"It is....what it is"