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Changes to Battlezone

Started by Nuggs, April 23, 2020, 12:16:58 PM

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I see sparkys has been removed along with the full uncapped bhop

Bp seems to think manual bhop is still faster but it just feels like plain old default to me since you drop in speed as soon as you go over the 170% speed

Can you clue us in please


It is indeed the plain old default since only sparky doubled the default maxspeed.
I temporarily disabled spary. It should be re-enabled after next server crash. I disabled it to hunt down the cause for certain problems.



Since the server was (almost) empty just now i manually restarted it. Sparky is back  8)


AFAIK: the autobhop should be coded to allow players to go over the engines limitation, however im not sure how well this works as the slowdown is indeed still present, I would imagine that you greatly lose speed if you truly manually bhop but would not notice this with a bhop script. (I think I used an 11j script to bhop >170 without sparky in testing)


When Sparky Utls is disabled and the auto speed cap is at 150% you get the normal behavior if you manually bhop and hit 170%; it returns you to 115%.  You may have tested after Sparks was re-enabled.