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[Resolved]Piping Spawn

Started by Tiberius Gracchus, July 11, 2017, 10:05:09 AM

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Tiberius Gracchus

I signed on this morning to realize I was banned for piping spawn and if that's what actually was going on then my bad, my little brother tends to play on my steam account and doesn't tend to play very well with others. Hahaha.

Amaranthine - STEAM_0:0:2446715

It's only a two week ban so if it cannot be appealed not to big of a deal!


Yeah. Yesterday on Crossover2, you (or someone on your Steam account) spent almost an entire map mouthing off at people (in English), replying to complaints about piping spawn with "que?", and about 10-15 minutes piping spawn from behind the water exit grate.

Not only did he know he was doing wrong, but laughed about it while doing it.

Appeal denied.

Tiberius Gracchus

No worries, looks like he won't be playing TFC for me anymore. Battlezone is the only server I don't lag in, see you guys in two weeks.

My only complaint is... first offense, but it's all good.

Tiberius Gracchus

Any chance for it to be changed to just a single week?


The reason it was two weeks for a first offense, was because he knew what he was doing was wrong, and didn't care.

But for a sincere appeal, without badmouthing me or this community, I will reduce the ban to seven days.


@Tiberius Gracchus

These are some of the lines of your "little borther's" chat on that map that day:

" bunny hopping is normal."
Your little fictional dick brother knows anything about goldsrc games or bhop?

"yeah I've played since 99 and I am still garbage."
So how old was your little ficitonal dick brother back then? -5? -10? Oh wait, you wanted to say it was your older fictional dick brother in actuality, right?

A few minutes before on a different map:
"I'm on 19 years."
"since I qas 6 lol."
If this is your little brother, you must have already chosen your coffin.

Perhaps it should be 2 months instead for trying to delude people. (Not that I would be so much butthurt about what was going on, I just don't like it when people try to get away with weak bluffs.)
Do you ever bang your mature teacher at the desk during math test?


A and that's quite enough of that. Topic locked.

We keep history on people via SteamID. So regardless if his story is true or not, this week long ban will be attached to his ID, and will show up if there are any future issues.

His ban was reduced to a week, and that's that.