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New Rules for Spillway Server

Started by Guts, January 03, 2016, 04:54:19 PM

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We are changing how the Spillway server is going to be run going forward. This server will not be run like a regular pub server. If people are familiar with how the old Odin's Graveyard was run it will be very similar to that.

If you are not familiar with it then here are the basic rules.

  • It will strictly be Offense v Defense
    Red = Defense
    Blue = Offense

    • Some maps are strictly DM maps and OvD rules will not apply, e.g. mulch_dm
  • There is no heavy class Offense allowed: Soldier, demo, hw.
  • Keep the teams even in numerical value. Odd number goes to defense.
  • Don't cry about one team being stacked skill wise.
  • You are not allowed to sit in spectate for extended periods of time. Please pick a team and play.
  • If there is a full game, please limit pot shots. (no Offense v Offense shooting)
  • No Spawn camping or exploiting.
  • Friendly Fire is enabled. No excessive FF kills.
SteamID's only. No valve id's allowed. This is not really a rule since we have a plugin that will not allow you to join with a valve id anyway, just an FYI.

These rules will be strictly enforced. You can and will be kicked and/or banned for not following these rules. This is a separate server to the other Evil servers. Meaning, if you get banned on Spillway you are only banned on Spillway. Not any other Evil server. 

Admins should also be aware of these rule changes and provide any disciplinary action as needed. Admins will NOT need to report any disciplinary action in the administration forums.

If you get banned you can appeal any bans the same way you would for any other Evil server but please specify if the ban happened on the Spillway server.   They will be handled the same way: the banning admin will review and decide on keeping, reducing or removing the ban.

There will also be class limits:
No sniper or pyro. 1HW 1Demo 2Engy 2spy. Unlimited scout solly medic.

This is designed to be a more competitive type of play rather than the casual fun we have in the other pub style servers Evil provides. If this is not something you would enjoy, then please do not join the server.

EDIT - The password for this server is "leagueplay"

atomic VAGINA

tried to play spillway today and it says  a password is needed?  so how does one play? whatsup?