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What are your five favorite maps?

Started by Tena, January 22, 2021, 01:42:34 PM

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The world is specially difficult now, let's entertain ourselves a bit

Surely this has already been discussed. What are your favorite maps? To give emotion, we can order our five favorite maps by scoring from 1 point to 5 points and see the score in about a week (next Friday or next Saturday).

My score:
5- Alchimy = 1 point.
4- Crossover2 = 2 points.
3- Ksour = 3 points.
2- Badlands = 4 points.
1- Avanti = 5 points.

(If we're bad, we can also make our top hated maps haha "2mesa3" I hate you"


Idk, how u count ur favs , but mine are like this :

#1 : 2fort! <3
and on and on : are all league maps / CTF :)

If there are good teams, i dont mind a game of avanti or dustbowl. BUT , usally dustbowl ends up in a spam feast ^^
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5- 2kfort5 = 1 point.
4- Torch2 = 2 point.
3- Security_r = 3 points.
2- Congestus = 4 points.
1- Openfire_lowgrens = 5 points.
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This is a hard question as there are a ton of maps to choose from. But, I was wondering this exact thing yesterday.

Instead of doing just a pure TFC ranking, I'll also do a list of my favorite HLDM maps.

5 - shutdown2 - 2 points.
4 - schtop - 3 points
3 - congestus_lg - 3.5 points
2 - dustbowl - 4 points
1 - well - 5 points

-shutdown2 is a good map, but the trains have given it a bad reputation. were it not for the audio glitch I would give it 3 points. No-man's land is really open and fun on offense.
-schtop is a great CTF map, I like how instead of just a kill barrier protecting the flag like openfire, disabling security also opens up a massive gate to the flag room.
-congestus_lg is such a pretty map. I love it's style, the angles and ramps, plus how rewarding skilled conc gameplay is on that map.
-dustbowl is a classic, I know spam fests are common on dustbowl but when I think the gameplay really shines in-between the attackers breaking out of spawn and and capping the flag.
-well is probably my favorite CTF map in general. Unlike 2fort, no-man's land is less of a grenade spamming match and more of a movement thing. For a CTF map, it also opens up a lot of great spots for snipers as opposed to again, 2fort, which only has 3 effective places for sniping.


5 - kribrats - 2 points
4 - rats3 - 3 points
3 - rats2v2 - 4 points
2 - gasworks - 4.5 points
1 - ag_crossfire 5 points

-kribrats is okay but it's hell with snipers and it's also extremely open, and confusing.
-rats3 is classic, I love it. my only complaint is how ridged the interiors are, especially in the dresser.
-rats2v2 is a step up imo from rats3, it has a bunch of cool features. A toilet that flushes enemies down the drain to their doom, a toy boat with a working machine gun attached to it, a half life bounce pad remodeled to look like a sponge. that room under the sink which drowns people. very fun.
-gasworks is probably my favorite of the default half life multiplayer maps. I love the design of the underground playing field, the towers, the teleporters, the gates, etc. The only thing giving it 4.5 points and not 5 is that falling into the water is frustrating.
-ag_crossfire is an improved and far more "fair" version of crossfire with the goal of making the map more serious. It removes the annoying instant kill gun towers as well as the timed nuclear button which has claimed all of us at least once. Instead, there's just a simple bunker in that portion of the map with respawning health packs and first aid stations. ag_crossfire also opens up the map for some breathing room, especially inside buildings and in that godforsaken tunnel. If you've played Half Life DM, you've probably seen this map before.

ty for reading

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1. 2 fort             5 points
2. badlands        4 points
3. Avanti            3 points
4. AxlFly            2 points
5. Crossover2    1 point

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