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pooSNAKE 490 STEAM_0:0:158088 - Repeat Griefer

Started by Ratman_84, April 01, 2019, 05:19:35 PM

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Ban request for this player. In the last 2 days he has...

1. Spent hours upon hours spamming audio bites, almost exclusively the "ratm" one. I'm assuming his goal is to annoy the shit out of everyone and possibly also block mic communication.

2. Holding the flag indefinitely in spawn area.

3. Suicided repeatedly as the civilian in Hunted.

4. Has suicide button bound so he can kill himself before other players can kill him.

I've attached screenshots to illustrate. Players such as killshot and TwatWaffle were around for the flag holding if the pictures aren't enough proof.



Ban will be awarded soon. Thx for the report.


Ban ADDED. Thanks for the report again. Have Fun.


Extremely happy this dickhead has been banned. Literally spams "owned" like 5-10 times after he kills someone.

Thank you sykosis for your sexy powers and awesome hair.

"The first blessing is peace, as is agreed by all men who have even a small share of reason...."


Thx for the quick response. You guys have been super fast both times I've had to report someone.

Just for the record, I started telling this guy yesterday that I was screencapping him. So he had a chance to untroll himself.


I know he's already been pwned by the banhammer, but I remembered that when I saw this I was going to say something else besides the fact that he's a griefing dickhead, but I totally forgot.

Basically, pooSNAKE would stand infront on me whenever I was sniping, trying to bait me into teamshooting him.

Also, a massive spammer of sound bites, his chat logs are filled with about a dozen pages (or more) of him spamming sound bites like RATM and kefka. Also rave and alive. He needs a much longer ban imo. 60 days would be ideal. He's a massive douche who rapes people's ears with soundbites, flag holds, blocks vision to abuse the rules, and ruins the fun in general.

"The first blessing is peace, as is agreed by all men who have even a small share of reason...."


His ban is over.

We will keep am eye out... if you have demos of such behaviour, please post them.


New year, same griefer:

tking everyone on battlezone today, being a dick in general as usual


Thanks Nuggs, two week ban added :)