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Server issues

Started by TwatWaffle, December 19, 2023, 05:51:35 AM

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Yesterday while playing with Diedo and 2 or 3 others on 2fort, map vote started and disappeared, server chose the map, server restarted with 2fort we all came back in and after a minute or 2 of playing the server just pulled everyone into spectate and wouldn't let us rejoin teams.


Regarding the latter issue (not being able to join teams):

If a map change doesn't fix it and a server restart isn't possible, you can try this command:

amx_cvar stb_on 0

This disables the team balancer, at least for the duration of the current map, or maybe until server restart.

If the issue returns after map change, you can also try:

amx_cvar stb_handle_auto_assign 0

This just affects pressing 5 (auto assign) in the team selection, but maybe this setting is kept when the map changes.