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[RESOLVED]I'm curious..

Started by Callahan, June 10, 2017, 01:52:35 PM

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Hey.. Callahan here. I've been a resident on this server for a fair amount of time, as the number of active servers has begun to dwindle.

Anyways, I log in to play this morning after having been scarce for a while, and find myself suddenly removed from the server for, apparently, cheating. I was under the general name 'Player' at the time, not sure if that had anything to do with it. There was no warning for this, but I'm unsure if it's custom for suspected cheaters to be warned or not.

But, as it's visible under my player stat page on site, I've played under a multitude of different names, but I believe most everyone probably knows who I am. I like to think that I am a decent player and have been for a long time, which would also involve my having a fair amount of skill with the sniper rifle. Since I've never had any issue like this before, I am completely confused as to why it would happen now.

You may also know GSP. He's actually my dad, who got me into playing the game wayyy back during the days when it was still run on the old WON Network (and I was like 6 years old). As of now, though, we currently play from the same household and consequently use the same ISP. I obviously told him in person this happened, and then he discovers he too was also permanently banned when he went to log at around the same time to see if he could find out why. I'm thinking this was because the members online at the time (I think it was Swede and Sykosis), if they suspected me of cheating, thought that his account was just me attempting to get around the block on my own. Which, is not the case. And I think it is probably quite clear we're different players when the difference in our stats are examined.. Lol.

Thankfully GSP and I were able to get in contact with Fishpig via steam chat, who relayed that what happened was apparently being discussed, and that I was allegedly suspected of something called 'soft hacking'? I don't even know what that means.

I'm not a cheater. I don't use exploits.  I try my best to follow all rules so myself and others can still enjoy a dying game on one of the few remaining servers. So after probably the longest written ban appeal on record, I guess all I can do is leave this appeal for both myself and GSP up to whoever makes the decision.

Here are the required included banned ID and names. If it is required that GSP should also need to post here under a second account, I'll get him to do so. But I'm hoping because of the particulars of our incident, that it won't be necessary.

Player -- ID = STEAM_0:1:29466330

GSP - ID = STEAM_0:1:48364006


Yes, a report for hacking came in. A ban was issued.

We have an HLTV demo, and it is currently being reviewed. If we find out that the ban was in error, we will remove the ban on both you and your father.

Hopefully we will have an answer for you very soon.


To all; GSP here. Just read Callahan's post. Both he and I have played for a long time. I will tell you if he really did have the "soft hack" that he is being accused of having I would be very disappointed. GSP will tell you I have played this game way longer than most of you have and I have seen many a cheater and Callahan and I are not one of them. Callahan, aka Dirty Harry simply has skill at this game
and we are banned because of it. GSP is of the opinion that on the day Callahan was banned he was under the name "player" which to me means a newbie and when sykosis saw the skills of a newbie could not hit the "ban button" fast enough. Callahan and GSP would like to thank MMA- Fish Pig for looking into this for us. There are a few of you guys out there we miss playing against. GSP over and out.........


After further investigation, we do not believe a cheat was used, however both of the admins that were present aren't from the states and suffer from a higher than normal (>100) ping, perhaps this caused them to believe your shots were more 'snappy' than they actually were.

The ban(s) have been removed.