Please unban, built in enemy Ramproom which have done before and wasnt banned

Started by wipes, April 25, 2017, 01:26:16 PM

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Banned Name    u might as well change class
Banned SteamID    STEAM_0:0:26533424
BanLength    4320
Unban Time    13:13:02 4/28/2017
Ban Reason    Building SG in front of enemy spawn door! You should know better
Banned By    ^00^
Admin SteamID    STEAM_0:1:26143656

Please unban, I built in the enemy ramp room way back towards the wall in 2fort and have built there a team can let a enemy engi do it is beyond me.

I've built there previously and was never banned as it was explained "it isnt in front of the spawn door" as the "banner" indicated.



Thank you for your post. However, you built the SG side to side 45% Angle to the enemy spawn door, killing everyone whom was exiting the spawn. Also, you have a prior kick and ban of Spawn camping by AKA "killzforthrillz". Infact, you should know better, So I suggest you wait the ban out and when rejoin to our server, you may learn to follow server rules.
Again, Thank you for your concern and post :)


Can you be consistent then as I have built there before with a admin in the server and it was allowed from that position multiple times.

Previous spawn nade, or "spam" when a enemy runs in there to avoid getting killed... has been fixed, I dont do that anymore...why would that be a factor as this ban was not for that issue ?


"why would that be a factor as this ban was not for that issue ?"
Because previous camping violation actions of any kind should not be repeated.
You knew what you were doing wrong.


Was the spawn door visible from the SG's point of view?

Did it kill people as they exited the spawn?


Judging solely on what was said, it sounds like he built on the far side of ramproom, the top of ramproom where the farther ramp is, so the spawn door is not 'visible' however it will 'see' all players who leave that spawn.


On 2fort, SG was parked to the ride side of the exit spawn door, so every player who walked out was getting killed by the SG.



I've reviewed the demo.

You built an SG at a direct 90 degree angle to the enemy spawn door with the exact intention of killing people as they exited the spawn.


Whatever admin told you it was legal was very much wrong.