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Respawn Whore Problem

Started by Maddogx32, February 03, 2014, 12:39:06 PM

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I seem to have a problem with the "Respawn Whore" plugin. I often play engineer but I've found that I keep on getting called a "Respawn Whore" by the server and sometimes get slapped by the server.

I would leave respawn after having died and make a sentry, go back and for from the respawn and sentry to resupply and arm my sentry.

However it keeps slapping and harming me for respawn whoring when my role as an engineer is to defend and build sentry guns and mgs to defend the base.

and one time about a week ago I was kicked for respawn whoring because I was rebuilding my recently destroyed level 3 sentry gun that I had just built upto level 3 which can happen a lot on a full 32 slot server.

I did not go into the respawn for grenades, armor or health but for cells and I keep on getting attacked for respawn whoring.

is there any way you could disable the respawn whore plugin for engineers or possibility if the person has not taken damage when they entered the spawn that it wouldn't be counted as reentering the spawn.


I will look into editing the plugin, thank you for the feedback.


Thanks for taking consideration :)


Played a few rounds with Mad  and he is a fair playing guy. Takes just what he needs as an engineer.  Good guy to play with.


Quote from: Maddogx32 on February 04, 2014, 01:46:13 PM
Thanks for taking consideration :)
I have uploaded a temporary fix that will allow engineers to enter respawn without being penalized, please test it and make sure it works properly. I will work on changing how this plugin functions in the meantime.


Thanks for your support and for placing a temporary fix  :)